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Why you need a professional headshot

A professional headshot is one of the first things we look for when helping someone update their website or reviewing their marketing for business to business (B2B). Years ago we exchanged business cards (and actually saved them for future reference) but now everything that represents us is digital and people expect to see images. If you are running a professional business, it needs to be a professional image.

LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other digital marketing platforms have a space designated for you to display an image of yourself. In our world of digital connections this is the only way we "see" each other in business. If there is no professional image of you on your business social media platforms, or on your 'About' section of your website, people know what you do, but they wonder who you are. Professional headshots show your potential customers or clients that there is a professional person behind your business. People want to connect with a person when they are buying, they want to see a face and they want to know there are professionals managing things when they are ordering items or scheduling services. Your customers and clients want to work with people, not a company logo.

web designer Central Alberta
Wendy Rairdan, Owner Rairdan Services, Inc headshot by Sleepy Willow Photography in Stettler, AB.

Hate having your picture taken? We sympathize. It's not our favourite either but hiring a professional photographer that you like and that you are comfortable with is the key. A good photographer takes many things into consideration to help you look great, get a nice expression on your face, takes numerous shots to make sure you get a few good shots in different poses and can even fix blemishes and stray hairs. The whole process takes fifteen to thirty minutes and you get the images a few days later via email. Simple.

A few tips on what to wear:

- No large jewelry

- subdued makeup

- jacket for men and women

- something you feel confident in wearing

- no busy prints, solids are best

Most headshots are taken on a white, grey or black background and are (as the name implies) taken from the chest up so keep this in mind when you are choosing your clothes for your portraits. When you get to the photographer, try to relax, follow their instructions and you'll be done in no time.

Headshots are generally anywhere from $100-$200 and worth every penny. You can use that same shot for many different things in your business and you'll feel confident knowing that while you are putting yourself out there your putting yourself out there as a professional.

When you get your headshots in from the photographer put them on all your social media accounts (especially LinkedIn), on your website, on your email signature and we recommend adding your headshot on your business card too as it helps people remember you. People connect with people and if you are in business, you have to get out there. No more winging it with a picture from your phone, show yourself as a professional.

Our sincere thanks to Amy at Sleepy Willow Photography in Stettler who handles our profession headshots for us and for our clients. Amy's photographs are always on target with what we are trying to achieve, she's very comfortable (fun) to be around and she's always on time with her deadlines.

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