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Website Development

Making a website look good is relatively easy, however, the critical backend work takes careful planning and consideration. ​Your website needs to do more than look good, it needs to work for you. Your website needs to be easy for users to navigate, easy to find, easy for you to manage and, yes, look great. Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts so make sure to give it the attention it needs.

website design

A few things to consider with website development:

  • short & long term planning

  • graphic design

  • navigation

  • branding

  • SEO 

  • good content

  • user experience

  • mobile & tablet views

  • data collection 

  • useful applications

  • business writing & blogging

  • ecommerce & carts

  • copyrights

  • image use

  • link building

Website development consults take approximately one hour. Call us at (403)743-0347 to book an appointment.

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