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Vintage Thistle

Flower arranging sounds easy until you're standing there with all the items to build a flower arrangement and then it feels oddly impossible. Some people just have "it" and can throw long green things next to half dead flowers and something beautiful happens. The rest of us? We buy them already put together or, if you're in Stettler, you find Tanille at Vintage Thistle.

I heard about a Fall flower arranging class at Vintage Thistle and made myself register just to do something different. I'm glad I did it. Tenille was great about giving basic instructions and then encouraging us to do our thing too. We picked our own flowers, had some basic instructions along the way and (fuelled with a glass of wine) found our inner florists. Her store is beautiful and it is hard not to feel inspired in that space surrounded by the smell of fresh flowers and gorgeous decorative items. It was great to focus on structure, colours, heights, widths and just let everything fall together. If you see her classes advertised, I highly recommend registering as they fill up fast. There is really great stuff coming for the Holiday season I am told. I'll be there, wine in hand, winging it and enjoying every minute. Thanks Tanille!

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