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Stettler Trade Show

Stettler Regional Board of Trade & Community Development will be hosting the 40th Annual Stettler Tradeshow in April and this is sure to be the best year yet! Add a reminder to your phone on the first week of January to start planning for your attendance.

Here are a few tips:

Set Goals

What are your goals for attending the trade show? Are you trying to attract new customers? Advertise your services? Promote something new? Make sure you and everyone working your booth is clear on what you hope to gain from attending the event.

Budget It

Our local trade show is very reasonably priced considering the large traffic it receives but be sure to budget for your staff, booth design and food and drink throughout the weekend. Start setting aside money now so it doesn’t hit you all at once in April.

Do the Design

Design your booth on paper to help develop your vision and keep you on budget. Make sure the design supports your goals. Try to pull focus to your booth with one fantastic thing that supports your goals and invites people to stop and talk with you. Make sure you have designed your booth in a way that you can stand as this invites people in to talk with you.

Bring Value

To be relevant in a trade show you must bring something of value to the guests. This can be a small promotional item (useful and environmentally friendly!) or offer valuable information. It doesn’t have to cost money but offer the guests something of value and something to remember you by.

Post Trade Show Review

Make notes during and immediately after the trade show while all the details are fresh on your mind. What worked? What didn’t work? What are your ideas for the next trade show you participate in? These notes are extremely helpful, help you save money and help you get the best out of the next trade show you attend.

Have Fun

Remember to have fun and enjoy this time with clients and customers. It’s valuable time outside of your usual space that you can really visit and get to know what they need.

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