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Is Twitter still useful?

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Social media is always changing and where twitter was once a game changer, it could now be on the bench.

I like twitter. I really do. However, short valuable blurbs have given way to automated tweets with little (or no) good content and the ability to make good business connections just aren't what they once were.

For people who live in larger city centres, commit scheduled time to their twitter account and add valuable information to their twitter community through planning and thoughtful engagement, it still has a purpose. For certain industries (like Realtors, consultants, non-profits just to name a few) I believe it still has amazing benefits. But, the list for whom twitter still works has grown smaller and gone are the days where I would coach everyone to jump on twitter to build their brand.

"Twitter is the equivalent of someone sitting in the corner of my office and yelling at me about their important stuff every half a second." - My husband

If you are working with me on your twitter account these are the questions I would ask you:

1. Who is your target market and what social media they are using?

2. How much time can you spend on twitter a day? A week? A month?

3. Do you enjoy engaging on twitter?

4. What are your monetary expectations for twitter?

5. Do you have a twitter/social media plan?

6. How do you want to integrate twitter in your other marketing plans?

Having said this, there are still a few things I run to twitter for:

1. When something big happens in the world I know I can scan twitter and find out what is happening.

2. It is a great way to support my local non-profits by sharing their tweets, events and helping them raise awareness. Twitter doesn't cost anything but this is a great way to volunteer your time to help your local community.

3. I research companies I want to work with or buy from by scanning their twitter feed. I want to know who and what they support before I make a decision to work with them.

Do an honest evaluation of your market and your time before jumping on twitter. You'll thank yourself for it later.

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