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Digital Marketing

advertising, digital ads

Digital advertising has many different options with ads being produced based on target audience, website content, and calls to action. From banner ads to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social networking, email marketing and online classified ads, online advertising is one of the fastest growing ways to reach an audience. It has to be done professionally, has to work and it has to look great on a mobile platform.

Things to consider for digital advertising:

  • we offer marketing packages with digital ads on local websites

  • we can set up google ads for your business

  • we consistently look for advertising opportunities for all our clients

  • help with your Facebook Ad campaigns

  • we offer digital advertising on 11 local TV screens in the community

  • we can develop and manage your digital advertising for the Jewel Theatre screen

  • other digital advertising options will be available soon

Call us to discuss your custom digital marketing campaigns.

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