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Digital Display Screens

We provide ad space on screens in high traffic areas so your ad gets the best exposure. Send us your developed ads and videos or we'll build them for you. Our pricing plans cover any budget you may have wether your advertising for one special event or your advertising daily throughout the year. You also have the option of updating and ordering your ads online making managing your advertising incredibly easy.

Why advertise on digital screens?

  • Digital signage has a recall rate of 83%

  • Much more effective & much less expensive than traditional advertising

  • Easy to order your advertisements

  • Your ads are developed by professionals

  • Digital signage motivates customers & clients to action

  • Increases your brand awareness 

  • Greatly improves social media engagement 

  • 8/10 customers will enter a store because of a digital sign 

  • Digital signage can cut perceived wait time up to 35 percent

  • Your ads could be live in as little as two business days

  • Order and cancel your ads online

  • Simple billing system

Call us at 403-743-0347 to discuss advertising on our screens.

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