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Stettler Citizen & Business Awards Gala

We love this time of year! The leaves are turning, the pumpkins start showing up on front porches, the light is changing, the farmers are kicking up dust in the evening sun with their combines and the Stettler Board of Trade announces the Award winners!

We are so happy for all the winners this year! Running your own business is tough and it is hard making something new happen every day for your community. There are really long days that lead to really long weeks that lead to missed opportunities with friends and family but every so often you get that pat on the back you need to keep working for your dream and for your community. This awards gala is that pat on the back for many businesses.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the friends and families that help support these winners. Well done Stettler!

Stettler Business Awards
2019 Stettler Citizen & Business Awards

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